Savour and sights – restaurants in Istria with excellent food and the most stunning views

Savour and sights – restaurants in Istria with excellent food and the most stunning views

One of the most delightful experiences that you can have during your holiday in Istria is a visit to a restaurant with friendly service and local dishes. In an ideal scenario, friendly hosts will take care of you in terms of service and food, so that you’ll leave the restaurant feeling happy and full. Another important factor is the ambience. Is there anything better than the combination of tasty food and good company, with an enchanting view of the waves of the sea or greenery? This is especially true when you are in Istria, a region rich in gastronomic delights. Whether you are on the coast or inland, opportunities for a wonderful view abound. That’s why we’re here to help you to narrow down the options.

We present six Istrian restaurants with the most stunning views. It’s worth noting that the prestigious French guide Gault&Millau has included most of them in their recommendations, so you can be sure that you’ll have a gastronomic experience that will be in your memory long after your holiday is over.

Morgan, Brtonigla

If you are looking forward to traditional Istrian cuisine with a touch of fine dining and a very photogenic terrace, Morgan restaurant is sure to meet all your expectations. The restaurant, owned by the Morgan family, is situated on a hill above Brtonigla. From the terrace, guests have a wonderful view of the picturesque hills and vineyards.

As the family is involved in hunting, the cuisine is based on the preparation of game, including the autochthonous Istrian Boškarin cattle. Seasonal specialties such as truffle and asparagus dishes are also on the menu. The food follows traditional recipes with a modern presentation and guests can indulge in a tasting menu. Morgan’s team take great care to ensure that they use only fresh, locally sourced ingredients to create their specialties.

The restaurant has been recommended by the Michelin Guide for several years running and is listed in the prestigious Gault&Millau Guide, which describes the ambience of the venue as “divine”. Chef Ana Morgan also won Gault&Millau trophy for New Traditional Cuisine in 2022.

If you are enchanted by the surroundings of the Morgan Tavern and would like to explore the hills and vineyards of Brtonigla and the surrounding area, you can book accommodation at the multi-award-winning Villa Covri in Brtonigla or take a look at our collection of villas in the Buje area.

A collage of two images: on the left, a restaurant in Istria, a terrace in an idyllic landscape with three guests at a table; on the right, a plate of gourmet food with the sun setting in the distance.

Morgan Restaurant, Brtonigla

Stara škola, Buje

The unique atmosphere of the renovated old elementary school, the fairytale view of western Istria and the sea, and the concept of so-called honest eating are the story of the Stara škola (meaning “old school”) restaurant.

The restaurant is located in Krasica, a small village between Grožnjan and Buje. While preserving the authentic spirit of the place, the building of the former primary school has been renovated in a modern, minimalist style. This includes the beautiful terrace with bar. From spring to autumn, when the terrace is open to guests, you will be able to admire the unforgettable panoramic view from here.

Renowned Swiss-Canadian chef Priska Thuring and her team envisioned Stara škola as a place to gather, socialise and celebrate local seasonal ingredients. They prepare a five-course tasting menu for guests, which changes according to the season and availability of ingredients. There are two to four dishes in each course. The emphasis is on the concept of honest eating, using fresh, seasonal ingredients prepared in a simple way. The aim is to allow the natural flavours of the food to shine through and to raise awareness of the environmental impact of the food choices made. Both vegetarians and vegans can take part in this culinary journey, as the restaurant offers alternative ingredients.

If, after dinner, you would like to continue the conversation at the school desks in the privacy of your own villa, just 15 minutes by car from the restaurant is the villa of the same name, the Stara škola villa, which you can find in our collection of Istrian villas. Situated in the green village of Bajkini near Vižinada, this is also a refurbished former school with its authenticity well-preserved. The result is an impressive space, ideal for a holiday for a group of family or friends in the heart of Istria.

A collage of three images: left, a sunny rustic terrace with a view of a stone tower and a forest; top right, the exterior of a building surrounded by trees with a sunset in the distance; bottom right, a pink cocktail with dessert on a wooden table.

Stara škola Restaurant, Buje

Rumore, Labin

The Rumore pizzeria in Labin is one of the most popular choices for delicious food with a view of Istria’s natural beauty.

Situated on the San Marco promenade in the old centre of the charming town of Labin, Rumore has been voted Croatia’s best pizzeria for several years now. The stunning views of the wooded hills and Kvarner Bay from the terrace add extra points.

Rumore’s well-oiled team serves Napoletana or Neapolitan pizza, recognisable by its airy, freckled crust and thin dough. Co-owner Josip Gobo perfected the technique of Napolitan pizza preparation with maestro Salvatore Santucci in Naples, and the pizzeria has an official certificate of authenticity. Rumore is the first pizzeria in Croatia to be certified by the AVPN (Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana), also known as the Michelin of pizzerias.

You have a choice of 15 pizzas in two categories – traditional Neapolitan pizzas and gourmet pizzas. If the rave reviews are anything to go by, you can’t go wrong with your choice. It’s precisely because of the combination of great food and ambience that almost every reviewer notes that lunch at Rumore is worth a detour, even if you don’t have plans to visit Labin.

If you don’t want picturesque Labin to be just a passing stop and decide to spend your holiday in this popular destination on the east coast of Istria, we can help you find your ideal holiday villa in Labin.

A collage of two images: on the left, a plate of pizza with a beautiful view of the dark green forest and the sea in the distance; on the right, the old centre of Labin with stone walls and houses with colourful facades.

Pizzeria Rumore, Labin

Stara oštarija, Buzet

When it comes to Istrian restaurants, truffles are an inescapable ingredient. In Istria, they have become not only a part of the culinary experience, but also a tourist attraction. Truffle lovers will not regret a visit to Stara oštarija, a family tavern specialising in dishes made with fresh Istrian truffles.

The tavern is located in the old town centre of Buzet. It has a terrace with an incredible view of the lower part of the town, the green slopes of Ćićarija and the valley of the Mirna River, the most famous Istrian truffle area.

Stara oštarija is a member of the Tartufo Vero Association, an association of restaurants that use real truffles in their dishes rather than processed truffles. If you are not a fan of the aroma of truffles, this family-run tavern also prepares a variety of traditional Istrian dishes, so that you can still enjoy the quality of the food and the view that make many people come back to Stara oštarija.

Throughout the year, the Buzet area regularly hosts various truffle-related events and fairs which the owner of the tavern, Robert Marušić, often organizes. There are also truffle hunting trips. Take a look at our collection of villas in Buzet and the surrounding area if you want to include these activities in your holiday and find the ideal accommodation for you and your companions.

A collage of three images: on the left, an Istrian restaurant table next to a large window with a panoramic view of green hills; in the middle, a dessert plate with grated truffles; on the right, Mediterranean vegetation next to a stone house and hills.

Stara oštarija Restaurant, Buzet

Puntulina, Rovinj

Puntulina is a family-run restaurant and wine bar that appears on almost every list of restaurants with the best views in Croatia. All you have to do is take a look at the enchanting pictures on their social media and you will understand why.

The restaurant is on the coast, on the road to St. Eufemia’s church, and the terrace tables are on the sea rocks with a view of St. Catherine’s islet. At any time of the day, especially if you book at sunset, the view is stunning.

The menu consists mainly of seafood, using traditional recipes combined with modern techniques, and emphasising fresh ingredients. The wine list has a selection of around 100 wines from local, Croatian and foreign wineries.

The restaurant was opened in 2004 and is in fact a converted house that belongs to the Pellizzer family. Because of its unique location, they decided to turn it into a restaurant, and today it is one of the most loved restaurants in Istria, with spouses Mirjana and Giovanni Pellizzer at the helm.

If your holiday in Istria includes a visit to Puntulina and exploring the old town of Rovinj, look for a villa in the town of Rovinj or its surroundings that suits your needs to ensure the best stay in Istria.

Collage of three pictures: on the left, the view of the Istrian town from the sea, with the terrace of the restaurant on the sea cliff; in the middle, a beautifully presented shrimp dish with the sea beyond; on the right, the sea and sky at sunset and the terrace of the restaurant on the cliff.

Puntulina Restaurant and Wine Bar, Rovinj

Montona Gallery, Motovun

If you are spending your holiday in the charming town of Motovun and are looking for a relaxed atmosphere with quality Istrian cuisine served alongside a spectacular view, then visit the bistro bar Montona Gallery.

Located in the centre of the medieval hilltop town of Motovun, the restaurant has a rustic charm. The terrace offers a panoramic view of the historic city walls, the valley of the Mirna river and the Motovun forest, and the view of the heart of Istria is a special experience at sunset.

In addition to the beautiful surroundings, the Montona Gallery offers its guests authentic Istrian flavours – from homemade tortellini and fusi pasta to Boškarin carpaccio with black truffles and homemade bread. All served with the kind of presentation you would expect to find in the finest restaurants.

The owner of the bistro, Klaudio Ivašić, is also the owner of another famous restaurant in Motovun, the Mondo tavern. This restaurant is famous for its Istrian dishes with truffles, which was once visited by the late Anthony Bourdain while he was filming the show “No Reservations”.

Kolaž dviju slika: lijevo, stol s gurmanskim jelom uz čašu crnog vina i bocu maslinovog ulja, uz kameni zidić s teglom žutog cvijeća, iznad zidića pogled na zelene brežuljke; desno, kamena vrata u obliku luka kroz koja se vidi terasa restorana i nebo.

Bistro Montona Gallery, Motovun


The restaurants in Istria presented here offer their guests a wide range of dishes, ambience and atmosphere. They also have a few things in common. Each restaurant maintains the tradition of using local Istrian ingredients, offers friendly service that keeps guests coming back, and has what originally inspired us to do this research – an unforgettable view of Terra Magica. If you are planning a holiday in Istria, be sure to visit one of them. And if you decide to stay in a villa, the advantages of which we have already written about, you can stay on the theme of fairytale views and choose one of our villas with a panoramic view of the sea. At any time you can get in touch with our specialists, who will be at your disposal for any information and assistance you may need in the selection of your accommodation.


We wish you a pleasant stay in beautiful Istria and a great meal in one of the enticing restaurants!

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