XXL Villas

Our modern, spacious, and comfortable XXL villas and holiday homes are perfect for bigger family gatherings and socializing of larger groups of friends!

We bring you a wide offer of XXL villas and holiday homes, which can accommodate over 15 persons and, at the same time, provide everyone with appropriate comfort and areas for shared moments.

XXL villas and holiday homes often have at least five bedrooms, large and spacious common areas, such as dining rooms, lounges, and wine cellars. Regardless of the size, all the guests have enough private space, but also common space for the creation of unforgettable experiences and memories. The majority of spacious villas consist of several accommodation units, for example, two or more apartments or holiday homes, distributed over several floors or situated in a spacious common yard. There is no better way to enjoy the company of your friends or loved ones than to relax all together in the sun, by the barbecue and swimming pool.

Treat your loved ones or your friends to comfort and a pleasant holiday and create unforgettable experiences in XXL villas and holiday homes!

Discover your dream villa and enjoy the spaciousness suitable for larger groups

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