Pet-friendly villas

Spacious yards and lawns will provide your pets with the needed freedom, at the same time giving you privacy without fear that your peace will be disturbed during your holiday!

We know that your pets are part of your family and that you cannot imagine your holiday without them. We, therefore, bring you a list of villas and holiday homes where they are welcome so that you can have a complete experience while on holiday.

Planning a holiday with pets can sometimes be a challenge, especially finding suitable accommodation that will match both your own and the needs of your pets. Pet-friendly villas and holiday homes are an ideal choice for holidays with pets. Apart from standard information, you will also find different data on veterinary surgeries, important telephone numbers, or even information on nearby beaches for pets.

Take your pet on holiday with you and enjoy carefree time in the spaciousness and the privacy of your pet-friendly villa or holiday home.

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