Villas by the sea

Let’s admit – at least once in a lifetime, all of us have dreamt about a seaside house! Fulfil your wish by choosing an ideal place for your holiday – a villa or a holiday home just a few steps from the sea!

Fulfil all your wishes by a different stay in one of our seaside villas or holiday homes, where attention is paid to the minute details – especially so that your dream holiday becomes reality.

Find your own little piece of heaven, take a walk to the beach or enjoy the view of the blueness of the sea from your terrace. Each of our seaside villas is carefully arranged, and most of them are enriched with additional facilities, such as rooms for fitness, wellness, outdoor games, but also private swimming pools for extra refreshment in the hot summer months. Such houses capture the attention of lovers of water activities.

Spend unforgettable holiday moments in an attractively equipped villa or a holiday home by the sea and enjoy a tasty barbecue, accompanied by a glass of excellent wine and the sounds of rustling waves in the background.

Discover your dream villa just inches from the sea

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