Rustic villas

In the rustic villas and holiday homes offer you will come across new and renovated villas and holiday homes of traditional and rustic arrangement. For an authentic experience of the Mediterranean, find your rustic style stone house, surrounded by lavender and olive trees!

From Croatia in the east of the Mediterranean, across Italy, France and Spain, as far as Portugal in the west, we bring you a list of rustic villas and holiday homes which, with their unique architecture and hand-made elements, leave you breathless.

Old stone houses are mostly situated in small, authentic, settlements. Renovated with love and surrounded by local features, they will provide you with a true experience of the local culture and tradition. With rustic villas and holiday homes, traditional gastronomic offer is also inevitable, which attracts by its diversity of tastes. Apart from the barbecues by the pool or on covered terraces, your gastronomic experience will be especially enriched by local restaurants and taverns, both with their meat or fish selections.

These villas and holiday homes are a perfect blend of traditional architecture and superb equipment, which provide their guests with exceptional comfort with a feeling of complete peace and privacy, delighting by their simplicity and sophistication.

Choose your rustic villa or holiday home and familiarise yourselves with the tradition and culture of your chosen destination!

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