Villas and holiday homes in Croatia

Rusticly authentic, luxuriously equipped with the most modern and diverse facilities, located close to the beach, medieval towns or in a secluded position, with panoramic views of the shores of the coast or the greenery of the inner land, villas and holiday homes in Croatia are what your dream holidays are made of.

More than 2.000 villas and holiday homes are situated in different locations along the entire Croatian coast; in Istria, Northern and Southern Dalmatia, the Dubrovnik region, on the islands, as well as in the continental Croatia and Gorski kotar and Lika. It will delight you with its modern equipment, interior design, a multitude of diverse contents for all ages, multifunctional playgrounds, attractive locations, and complete relaxation and comfort.

Be choosy and enjoy a tailor-made holiday completely suiting to your wishes and interests. Villas and holiday homes in Croatia guarantee you a vacation experience that you will want to repeat again!

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